Eagles Win, Don’t Look Good

Momentum was not the ex-factor that allowed the Eagles to win their way to a date with the Giants. I’m not sure if writers and reporters actually watched the Eagles beat the Vikings on Sunday. If they did, why would one write “[McNabb] led the Eagles…with brilliant throws” when the Eagles settled for four field goals on offense, adding to their terrible red zone stats for the season? This does not seem to be the working of “brilliant” quarterbacking. After admitting to not understanding overtime and its possible outcome, McNabb should never be described with any adjective related to “smart.” Yes, this privilege is also lost for Plaxico Burress who should’ve shot himself in the nuts because that’s what he deserves.

The Vikings were completely incompetent on offense and, as Joe Buck reminded us several times during a game where he clearly backed and boasted for Philly, Minnesota’s special teams are certainly little bus special as they cannot prevent a decent punt return it if their season depended on it, which it did.

What did look good was Philly’s defense that made Adrian Peterson look like Ron Dayne and forced Tavaras Jackson into a flustered state of confusion and disarray.

Of course, I was rooting for the Vikings the entire time. Dreams of a 400-yard rushing game against the Cardinals where Warner was sacked, hit, rushed or hurried 90% of the game and Boldin left the Meadowlands demanding to be traded to the Giants danced in my head.

On the bright side, the Eagles did not look like a team to be frightened of. Lack of a running game, failed pressure on McNabb and lousy red zone production are not intimidating.

On the not-so-bright side, the Eagles are always a threat to the Giants. McNabb is not a stranger to postseason pressure. Westbrook in all phases of the game kills the Giants on a regular basis as part of a cold weather resistant team who thinks they have momentum and will certainly have pockets of obnoxious fans littered throughout the crowd.

Next Sunday’s game certainly promises high levels of excitement, anxiety and good-old-fashion division rivalry at its best.

Originally published on January 7th in Citizen News (Sherman, New Fairfield Edition)

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