Favre Retires, Again

“I’m an emotional guy, and I’m sure people are tired of seeing me get emotional,” he explained, again. Brett Farve has retired. Feeling deja vu? Me, too. Because we’ve heard it before. Please Brett, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ll believe it when the season starts, Week 1, and Brett Farve is actually not there. I’ll believe it when there are commercials with him stuck in his wranglers during next year’s Superbowl.

Perhaps he’s been hit in the head so many times that these repeat retirement claims are just a side affect of amnesia. There is also a good chance he is trying to see if he can do the seemingly impossible: retire more times than Celine Dion, just one year his senior. If only there was a Vegas team Favre could join…

Brett Favre Jets Football

ESPN reports that Brett Farve told the New York Jets he plans to retire. Maybe he just means retire from the Jets organization. Brett Farve is too old, tired and untouchable to have to report to training camp and exhibition games. Retirement is a good way to stay out of preseason required activities. Then, strategically, he comes out of retirement right before the season starts. You know, like the way he retired from Green Bay last March. Side affect? Extra attention, the Brett Farve specialty.

The word is that Favre was not happy with his performance towards the end of the season. . In 2005, he threw a career-high 29 interceptions in a terrible season. He wasn’t done then because he “had more football in him,” good and bad, as it turns out. I’m not sure now is much different from then.

Favre admitted that he was upset with his departure from the Packers organization. Apparently, his goal for this past season was for the Jets to end with a better record than Green Bay. He desired his last note to be a revenge season. Does that sound like someone who is done with football? Does that even sound like someone mature enough to make decisions for himself about his career?

Favre informed the Jets and Ed Werder via e-mail. Good chance he didn’t mean to press send and is now getting carried away with the attention that he loves so dearly. I’m not saying that he may not actually retire. Favre has plenty of reasons to retire. But I just won’t believe it yet.

Originally published on February 18th in Citizen News (Sherman, New Fairfield Edition)
Article also posted on Player Press


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