Enjoy the Madness

College “do or die” hoops reminds me that I do, actually, love basketball. Especially in this A.D.D., concise form narrated by a pep band soundtrack.

And brackets. March Madness bracketology brings people together. Those who don’t usually watch basketball have found a reason. So what if the reason is gambling or peer pressure through social office rituals? A bracket is a lot like blackjack. It’s a simple game of odds, where probability serves as an advantage, but not a guarantee for success. Just like blackjack, casual players are attracted to the game.

From die-hard fans to channel surfers, NCAA basketball provides plenty of entertainment.  basketballgoal

Fun Things You See Every Tournament

  • Full-court press. No free anything. You want to make it to half court? You have to earn it!
  • The refreshing feeling of amateur play. These players make mistakes and plenty of them. It’s like the old game, “what’s wrong with this picture?” There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that at any time any play could go completely wrong.
  • School(s) you’ve never heard of. Morehead isn’t a state… it’s the punchline to a bad college sex joke. East Tennessee State University… a place where 90% of applicants are admitted. At just a $15 application fee, you too have a chance to see a 16-seed lose in the first round.
  • Excited alum choosing their beloved alma matter to advance beyond their capabilities out of pride for their school. See: Cornell, Binghamton, American, and more.
  • The early to fall to a busted bracket fate jumping to cheer for the underdog. See: Anyone who had Wake Forest in the Finals now cheers for Arizona to be a successful Cinderella. Once your bracket is busted, may as well watch them all fall. Who says misery doesn’t love company? That’s right, no one says that. No one.


For those who are still looking for more from the madness, remember that there is more than just basketball to watch during the games. You can play “Senior or Senior Citizen”. It’s a simple game where you decide if it is at all possible that some of these players that look middle aged could actually be in college. The opposite game, “Phony or Freshman,” can be applied to the jail bait teenaged cheerleaders who seem younger than the band kids.

Take the coverage personally by yelling at CBS when they cut from one game to another with the final shot in midair. But to be fair, compliment the network when as soon as you say, “they should switch to the Siena game,” they actually do.

Enjoy the Madness!

Originally published on March 25th in Citizen News (Sherman, New Fairfield Edition)

Article also posted on Player Press


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