The Bus Stops Here: Madden Retires

“Boom! Tough acting retirement.”

John Madden is retiring from broadcasting, he announced this week. The seventy-three year old wants to spend more time with his family and less time being unable to resist tasty stadium snacks.

Terrific player and even more talented coach, Madden’s broadcast days have not been the brightest of his career, but the respect for him has allowed him the right to speak during NFL contests.

Like the soundtrack to an old cartoon, Madden will be known for his favorite noise words: “wham”, “whack”, “boom”, “boink” and “doink”. Most notably, Madden will be remembered as a genius coach who could best articulate the most obvious concepts in sports. Madden never let a football game go by without reminding the viewers that the team with the most points wins, penalties hurt the team who commits them, and that the job of the defense is to prevent the other team from scoring.

Madden’s fear of flying made his job of commentating for Monday and then Sunday night football over the last several years to become quite the hassle. As he is aging, this is certainly a factor in his decision. Apparently, Madden’s fear of flying is due to claustrophobia. This is strange considering his bus is not as big as the average commercial plane and significantly smaller than the tiny booth he shared with Al Michaels. Perhaps Madden has “claustrophobia” and “fear of flying” confused. Only Madden himself could break down those concepts to even simpler forms.

Article also posted on Player Press

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