Socked: The Yankees Inability to Beat Boston

This season the New York Yankees are 0-7 versus the rival Boston Red Sox. Painful, yes. Discouraging, yes. Obnoxious, yes. Upsetting, yes. Apocalyptic? No.

It’s like writers’ block. The Achilles heel. It’s a SuperTeam’s kryptonite. A vampire’s garlic. Indiana Jones and snakes.

The New York Yankees just can not beat the Boston Red Sox this year. rivalry

Watching this Yankee team turn their season around behind the return of star Alex Rodriguez has been incredible. Dramatic victories, staying alive in games that seemed over, looking like a team… this past month has been a sight to see: proof that the early part of the season does matter. After last season’s lack of starting pitching burdened the team and contributed to the Yankees missing the playoffs for the first time since almost forever to people my age, an unimaginable situation where there seem to be too many pitchers for the starting rotation has appeared for a team that is christening a new stadium by blasting balls out of the park.

But not being able to beat the rival Boston Red Sox is a huge problem. Dropping this many games to any division foe is not good. What are the chances that the Yankees face the Red Sox in this post-season with an unimaginable weight bearing down on needing to be victorious over a team that has dominated them during the regular season? It could happen, of course (because anything can, really… well, in this case). If it does happen, the intensity of this “ultimate rivalry” would be incredible.

Sigh. Oh, baseball.

Article also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog


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