La Casa De Los Mets

After a field trip (ha!) to the new casa de los Mets, I share my notes from a ballpark that had zero chance of disappointing, compared to its previous venue.

New Yorkers everywhere are still stumbling over the word “Shea” and debating whether they can actually get used to calling the new Mets ballpark “Citi Field.” Even though Shea was a dump, it was a real name. Nicknames for Citi Field already include, but are not limited to:

  • Shitty Field a play on words, “shitty” more accurately describes the team, not the actual field
  • Bankruptcy Ballpark the truth does not have nice ring to it… but no one wants to think about our horrible economy when they are trying to relax and watch a game
  • LaGuardia oh the difference one hundred and fifty feet makes… now the LGA take off and landing patterns go directly over the stadium. “Now batting… Flight 285 to Florida!”‘
  • La Ciudad if you need explanation for this one, just see the Mets line-up

The venue is certainly a pitcher’s park. The opposite of the New Yankee Stadium. As David Wright (the Mets token white guy) said during last weekend’s subway series, “somewhere between these two parks is a normal park.” But I got to see a home run anyway! And let me tell you, that new apple is bigger and shinier than the old one ever was! It doesn’t even have worms.

In center field there are loads of concessions. The Mets got two notably terrific food vendors from the city to raise the bar on stadium food quality: Blue Smoke and Shake Shack. Just like the one in Madison Square Park (not to be confused with Madison Square Garden) the Shake Shack had a long line of excited customers that were not disappointed with their 5,000 calorie decision.

My appreciation for the New Yankee Stadium went up after my visit to Queens. As far as the glamorous new stadium features, Yankee Stadium takes the cake (and eats it, too). New Yankee stadium is shinier, with more jumbo jumbotrons, wider concourses, bigger bathrooms, more concessions, plentiful water fountains, and, in general, prettier. All with that new stadium smell.

The difference is the difference. Compared to Shea, Citi Field is a wonder of all things wonderful. Even all of those sarcastic Mr. Met quotes that littered the ramps out like, “see you soon,” “hope you enjoyed the game,” and “have a nice day!” are gone. It’s a HUGE improvement. As much of an improvement as adding K-Rod and Putz… if only Putz was healthy.

For Yankee Stadium, the House that Ruth built had sentimental value that no Mets field will ever see. It had memories, history, character, and dignity. And it’s still there. I think it will be very difficult to start loving the New Stadium while the old one sits hallow three blocks away. It’s like getting married on the grave of a recently departed spouse… it’s awkward.


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