Putting the “Quirk” in Albuquerque

Finally, a AAA stimulus packages that New Mexicans can appreciate: Manny Ramirez!

What do we call this Mannywood road show? Mannydesert? MannyCan (cause of the New Mexican thing)?

It feels like May 7th was not so long ago. That’s why dred-head was all over the news for reasons explaining his ridiculous batting power. Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Manny Ramirez was suspended for violating Major League Baseball’s steroid policy. The suspension of fifty games is from, apparently, the majors, because Manny Ramirez has been able to now play for the Dodger’s AAA affiliate Albuquerque Isotopes. His first game for the New Mexican team was called a “rehab” appearance, like the ones Dr. Drew makes.

Manny is not the only person to move to LA and get caught up in his own hype and start an unhealthy, but fun drug habit. Sure, Manny may have been on the steroid cycle before his arrival to the west coast. The roids are all the rage. “Manny being Manny” could be code for “Manny injecting Manny”, “Manny Being Proactive in Helping Manny” or the commonly understand meaning, “Manny being absolutely insane.”

Nevertheless, Manny is bringing the excitement of his stardom to the Land of Enchantment. The Isotopes are selling tickets to these games. The ESPN reporters have to sleep somewhere and eat something (well, the male reporters can eat), which is good for Albuquerque tourism (if such thing existed before now). It’s a stimulus plan of sorts.

There is a lot of moaning and groaning to be heard about Manny being able to play any baseball during his suspension. It’s called a recession. Let the minors make some money when they can. Those opportunities are always few and far between.

Article also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog


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