Manning a Deal

I support paying Eli Manning like he’s some soccer star because hey, he won THE Superbowl Championship of all Superbowl Championships. Do you remember how undefeated those Patriots were? Giants Cowboys Football

I’ll watch football over soccer any day. As a matter of fact, I do. In the soccer world, a $97 million for contract for 6-years is pretty standard for a star. That’s some pretty good money, can buy a lot of corndogs with that. In June, Peru allocated the same amount of money to develop rural electrification. Eli Manning may have to invest money on PSLs for the rurally populate mezzanine section of the new Giants Stadium if he wants to throw in front of an sold out crowd.

Giants Manning FootballThe new Giants Stadium is set to open for the 2010 season (now equipped with convenient train station). The venue is sparing no expenses, so why not pay the team’s quarterback around one million per game?

“He is a franchise quarterback,” New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said. “He has done everything we asked him to do. He has come in, taken a lot of flack from you guys [the media] and he just keeps going. He does what we ask him on the field and he does what we ask him to do off the field. He is a good football player.” Can’t really disagree with that.

Eli Manning will be making similar money to the head-stomping defense beast that is Albert Haynesworth. Eli, however, will need some of that money to keep his ring polished.

And that really is the difference. For all of the criticisms of Eli Manning since he was drafted in 2004 in a part of a trade that gave the San Diego Chargers Phillip Rivers and more, little Manning quietly capped an incredible playoff run by leading the team to a championship and taking home the MVP award in the process, in the Superbowl XLII, also known as the Superbowl of all Superbowls. After an accomplishment like that, the New York Giants was to keep their star quarterback. How long can the joy of one championship keep a team, an organization and fans happy? Oh, I don’t know… forever! *Unless you’re in Philadelphia Obviously, hopes for the future are high, but they are based off of proof of glory from the very recent past.eli42

Let’s also remember that these contracts have provisions and incentives and, in this case, only $35 million is guaranteed.

Sports economics is a particularly interesting subject. Active NFL rosters carry 45 players, while MLB rosters hold just 25. In turn, the average baseball player salary is twice the average football player salary. Furthermore, the NBA holds only 12 players per team and basketball players yield an average contract that is twice as much as baseball players, almost four times as much as football players. The MLB and NBA seasons are longer, but that’s the nature of the sport. For some fans, 16 football games are more exciting than 82 basketball games.

Article also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog and on Player Press

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