Yankees Lovers and Haters

What other team evokes such strong feelings of love and hate? The New York Yankees provide intensity and passion for both fans and foes.

THE LOVERS: Pride. Power. Pinstripes.yankees

With fans far beyond the tri-state area, the Yankees draw their own fans at road games along with Yankee Haters and those whose interest in baseball is heightened when the most well-known MLB team comes to town.

The Yankees draw global love and think as a global operation. In 2007, the Yankees reached an agreement with the Chinese Baseball Association to allow coaches, scouts and trainers to operate in China promoting baseball and judging talent. Similar efforts are in place in Japan with the Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers where ideas are shared allowing close ties to provide better strategies.

History, tradition and great fans back the most successful sports franchise. And where there are lovers, there are, of course…

THE HATERS: Drinking their haterade, smoking their haterettes, eating mean cuisine, sleeping on hatetresses, brushing their teeth with haterpaste, gargling with haterine and wiping their asses with toilet hater. yankee haters

Due to what can best be assessed as jealousy of great success, Yankee Haters are passionate in their resentment for the Evil Empire.Yankee Haters have pride in their dislike. There are websites and paraphernalia… even a YH hat that, especially from far, looks like a regular Yankees cap.

While many are Boston Red Sox fans or New York Mets fans, Yankees Haters are found everywhere, even if the people do not care for the sport of baseball at all, they may still hate the Yanks.

The most common reason for Yankee hatred is the issue of high payroll. The Yankees have the highest payroll in all of America sports. Of course, the Mets and Red Sox have team fans who usually rant and rave about how awful the Yankees spending is, have occupied spots in the top five payrolls in baseball for the past several years. Strange that big salary complaints do not blame the MLB for failing to enact a lower salary cap, or spending limitation programs. But why question and challenge the system when getting upset with the big business team is its own culture?

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