Sunday, New York, Sunday

On Sunday, the Giants embarrassed the Bucs. The Yankees get their 100th win of the season by completing a sweep of the rivaled Red Sox and clinched the best record in baseball as well as home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  And, for good measure, both the Mets wand the Jets won. All of his occurred before the sunset brought atonement. New York sports teams took care of their Jews.

Is this current situation a wet dream for any Yankee/Giants or Yankees/Jets fan? Yes, yes it is. Watching your baseball team finishing off the season in a terrific position to win it all, while you your football team start the season strong is nice. It makes fall the best part of the year.

The New York Yankees are no guarantee to win the world series. There are some other good teams out there because that’s how it is with the playoffs: you play the other good teams, the ones that can give you a run for your money. Literally, with the Yankees.  Just because this season’s Yankees are setting records and have played the Los Angeles Angels of the Anaheim California, Orange County Area and the Boston Red Sox well lately, doesn’t mean a winning playoff series is guaranteed. However, these are good signs that the Yankees are in a pretty good position here. Impressive statistics are always pretty encouraging.

And the New York area could use a little pick-me-up after the whole Wall Street Ate Everybody’s Money thing. Plus, the Bernie Madeoff robbery. All while the state is sinking in the hands of New York’s unelected Governor, who really needs to  be wearing sunglasses, and not making stupid decisions.

The Yankees, who started the season as overpaid and under achieving, lead the majors with the most come-from-behind wins and shaving cream coated walk-off victories.

While most of the Yankee starters nursed a champagne hangover today, the B team still won, keeping the positive momentum going into the playoffs.

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