Skip Shameless

Captain Yankee Hater America, also known as ESPN’s Skip Bayless, had some nerve polluting the show First and Ten with ridiculous comments completely undermining last night’s New York Yankee ALCS game four victory.

Upon discussing Yankees star pitcher CC Sabathia’s dominating playoff performances this postseason, Skip Bayless took both idiocracy and Yankee-hating to a new level.

He declared with a weak shrug that sure, Sabathia deserves “some credit” for his performance last night and throughout the playoffs so far. “Some credit” to CC for going out there and doing his job very well. “Against what line-up?” he inquired as he decided that the home team Angels self-destructed. Skip was clearly unwilling to admit that the Yankees shut down the so-called missing line-up that clearly does exist or else how would a team make it all the way to a Championship Series?

“Let’s see CC versus Cliff Lee,” Bayless challenged. Hopefully, we will see what would obviously promise to be a top-notch pitching battle. But in the meantime, baseball is a team sport that requires more than just the pitcher to perform well. No one wins a 0-0 game. Oh, and while Scott Kazmir is not as impressive as Cliff Lee, he’s no minor league starter.

Sabathia having a record postseason and Skippy is acting like nothing matters except the world series. Um, how do teams get to world series? By earning their spot with division series and championship series wins. That’s the process that’s happening now and it’s going pretty nicely for the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. Skip is more than happy to recognize the latter team for their accomplishments.

Bayless went on to comment about the Angels bad throws. Did you see the score of the game, Skippy? Even if you want to discredit a couple of runs, the margin of victory was secure enough to win, anyway. It’s not like one or two bad plays would’ve swung a 10-1 game to something close.

After some cheap, nonsensical incomplete thought about how A-Rod should give Kate Hudson a wedding ring if the Yankees win the world series, Skip’s two coworkers couldn’t resist rolling their eyes. I guess Skip felt it was important to show that he notices the pop culture side of baseball. Way to be conscious throughout the season, Skip. Want to talk about your brother Rick’s successful culinary career and its place in pop culture to prove you are the less talented Bayless?

Of course, the hating continued.

“Yankee fans are acting like CC threw a perfect game in the game 7 of the world series,” his diarrhea of the mouth continued. Apparently, Yankee fans are not entitled to celebrate an impressive, dominating victory the day after the game.

“If there even are any real Yankee fans left,” Bayless challenged. If he was a real sportscaster and a real baseball fan, he wouldn’t be so blatantly bitter to make unreasonable statements about one of the most popular sports franchises in the world… that, according to his warped little balloon for a brain, has no true fans.

As I conclude my hating on the hater, I will leave with one positive thought about Skip Bayless’ Yankee opinions: it is impressive that his mouth can move so accurately while he was clearly speaking from his ass.

Also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog

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