The New York Yankees win their 27th World Championship. The Bronx is back and bombing, baby!

The Philadelphia Phillies tried to attain the very difficult feat of becoming back-to-back World Series Champions. But this year’s Phillies team was not as good of a team as they were last year… partially because Brad Lidge went from best to worst and Cole Hamels was not the dominating force he was last year. Pedro Martinez, who had a surprisingly effective short season, was once again made a loser by the New York Yankees. The World Champion New York Yankees!

One man specifically dominated by driving in six runs and closing the door last night. Every Japanese place in the tri-state area should be offering Matsushi today. Hideki Matsui had a .615 average in the series as he made a pretty good case for the DH.

On a personal note, Matsui is so cute! Partially because he needs a translator and I like that quality in a man… especially in one who closely resembles a statue.
In Game 5, Johnny Damon earned a new contract (likely only one to two years, please) with the Yankees. In Game 6, Matsui earned the elite honor of MVP. Considering he did not play the field this season, Matsui’s value has come through all year and peaked under the pressure of the big stage. His future is uncertain,  but he is presently a hero, pride of pinstripes.

Meanwhile, the media (and by “the media”, I mean, ESPN’s Sportscenter and some other disgruntled sports writers/Yankee Haters) is completely overblowing the A-Rod story within the championship story. It all goes back to steroids, past postseason disappointments and high expectiations. The media plays with if his career is validated now, or something.

Although the attainment of a championship is much more realistic as a New York Yankee than for any other team, there are a slew of highly respected athletes who do not wear rings. A ring is not the only factor of greatness in a career. Even in the Evil Empire, Don Mattingly is without a championship, yet is well-respected. It’s not like A-Rod had to win a series to validate his career. He is a phenomenal talent and has certainly made every team he is on better.

Speaking of people who make their team better, after forty-one pitches, Mariano Rivera capped off another amazing season with another reliable lights-out performance. Many thought that “Enter Sandman” was not played last night. It was. It was just so loud in the New Yankee Stadium that it was difficult to hear Metallica’s tunes bringing in the man, the legacy… Mo.

All was good for other legacies of this Yankee generation. The quadfecta, also known as the core four: Posada, Jeter, Pettitte and Rivera made a statement: Old? Shmold! The geezers were pleasers. Late thirties is the new late twenties, as blue pinstripes are the new champions.

Years of chemistry came together for what was a magical season of come-from-behind wins, shuffled pitching situations and drama. All in a new stadium.

The New York Yankees were the best team in baseball this season and it’s kinda nice when the best team wins. It is, of course, also nice when the best team gets spoiled in the Superbowl by the underdog New York Giants… so I’m sort-of a hypocrite, lying piece of s***. But it’s cool. Hooray for sports!

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  1. Kaz says:

    But what about the brand new record holder out there on the Phillies Rachel? Let’s not undersell Ryan Howard and his performance. I believe the number was 13, 13 strikeouts. You have to be motivated to reach that kind of expertise.

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