Bye Week Success

Considering the Giants had the day off, a lot went their way. Not only did the team not lose, but the Eagles and Cowboys did… which is always nice.

Philadelphia Eagles Lose: Good for the Giants to have division foe lose. Also a plus, Andy Reid is still coach in Philly.

Dallas Cowboys Lose: Good for the Giants to have division for lose. And how! Dallas looked horrible and they couldn’t rush the ball. Side note: the Giants are pretty good at stopping the rush.

Washington Redskins Win: Good for the Giants because they made the Denver Broncos look bad and the Giants have to play the Broncos, but now that game is significantly less scary and seems much more winnable.

New Orleans Saints Almost Lose: It would be too good to be true for the St. Louis Rams to win this one, but it was nice to see them make the Saints look less untouchable/more touchable/more available/easier to make a move on/these comparisons get so sexual so fast.

Carolina Panthers Win: Good for the Giants because the Panthers exploited some Atlanta weaknesses. Maybe, if the Giants can study the video and pull everything together, next week can be the rebirth of the season! Maybe… please?

Indianapolis Colts Win: Good for the Giants because we started the cool trend of the Patriots not being the wrecking ball hanging over the league. nfl-steroids

Other notes from a Sunday of watching other teams play:

  • Why are three of the best teams dome teams? This isn’t arena football!
  • How do we judge most of the teams in the NFL? The Giants lost to the Eagles who lost to the Cowboys who lost to the Packers who lost to the Bucs who haven’t won any other games. But the first four teams in that list are possible playoff teams. The NFL: Never a dull season.
  • What happened to Bill Belichick? Going for it on 4th and 2 I understand, but not from your own 30-yard line.  I’m not just saying this because it didn’t work. I was yelling about this the second I realized Brady was still on the field. This was a really bad move. I don’t appreciate bad “go for it” calls on 4th and short cause it’s generally not a bad idea but with that field position, come on now. I firmly believe that Belichick made that decision for gambling problem purposes. He’s a cheater and a liar, it’s not a stretch to figure him for a gambler, too.

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