Giants Win Coin Toss to Win Game

I’m writing a complaint letter to Wachovia. I will have no more of this “play of the game” decided with two minutes left when the game is still in the process of being blown. Plus, the play of the game was not the Boss TD that was played on the jumbotron, it was the coin toss that gave the Giants the ball first in OT.

An ugly win is still a win, but that eyesore can damage the retinas. Anyone who watched the entire Week 11 game knows that their eyes do not deceive them, the Giants looked like a mistake-prone team with a soft defense that can’t protect a lead.

But thanks to the struggling Atlanta Falcons who also did not want to play well, the New York football Giants finally got their first win in six weeks.

Eli made two mistakes early. He fumbled and threw an interception in the first drive.

But the errors for Manning ended there. The offense pulled it together nicely. Tight End Kevin Boss had a great day, averaging over 15-yards per play with 2TD catches.

But he wasn’t the only man open. Eli passed the ball around on a day where Plaxico Burress was not missed. Retired team leader Michael Strahan and former Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo were the pieces of the Superbowl 42 championship team that fans longed for as the once tough defense that would certainly be able to protect a two-touchdown lead in the 4th quarter.

As well as the offense got it together, there were still  field goals attempts from the Red Zone where touchdowns should be occurring.

Why does Heinz sponsor the Red Zone at Giants Stadium? There is no other ketchup, really. Heinz dominates the popular condiment and is the largest provider. I think that the someone else should jump on the sponsorship opportunity there. Perhaps it could be the Big Red “Chew It Out” Zone, the N.R.A. “Out for Blood” Zone, or the Red Roof “Get it Inn” Zone.

One Giants Red Zone visit stalled at 13-yd line where kicker Lawrence Tynes proceeded to miss a 31-yd field goal attempt. As unacceptable as this is, Jason Elam of the Falcons was drinking from the same fountain and missed a 35-yd attempt three drives later. Those botched “gimme” field goals canceled each other out, but that, like winning the coin toss for possession in overtime, was lucky.

The Giants have little time to thank their lucky coin. In a short “week” of four days, Big Blue will be in Denver for a game of two teams that have reeled.

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