Big Blue: Bigger than Big D Head-to-Head in 2009!!!

If the Giants do nothing else with this season, at least they’ll have the glory of defeating Dallas.

Um… I’d like to start this column with an eloquent and mature “HELL YEAH!”

With the season on the line, the Giants regrouped and pulled out a win. Big Blue used elements of the game that have been missing for far too long: big plays, special teams living up to their name, pressure on the quarterback, and a lack of unnecessary penalties.

The Giants truly dominated on was rush defense. Marion Barber was celebratory dancing after every yard early in the game, but he cursed himself. Barber ended the game with 36 of the team’s 45 rushing yards.

Of course, no Giants win should come without nail-biting cardiac arrest. The Giants lost a fumble, threw a pick, gave Witten a record game, and let the Cowboys convert easily on 3rd and 14.

More frustrating than worrying that the Giants will give up a late touchdown to allow the game to come down to an onside kick, which they did, was the television coverage of the game. Fox Sports is terrible.

Dallas attempted a 57-yard field goal right before halftime. The kick was short, of course, but there was action after the play. Flozell Adams decided to shove Justin Tuck in the back for no apparent reason. Well, probably from ‘roid rage, rivalry ruckus, a new trend for the Cowboys to have one cheap shot on Tuck per game, and/or some spontaneous need for a penalty and fine. Commentators Joe Buck and Troy Aikman simply stated, “a fight has broken out on the side of the field,” before cutting to commercial, followed by the¬† halftime show. How dare Fox Sports not show us a fight? Just because football isn’t hockey and fighting is not-so encouraged doesn’t mean that the viewers don’t deserve to see the aggression. Boo on you, Fox. That’s another point for being at the game.

At some point, one of the two terrible men I had to listen to because the Giants are an NFC team said that the Giants have a lot of questions to answer about their “leadership and heart.” First of all, that kind of comment is so clich√© and cheesy that it should hurt to say. Second of all, it’s wrong. Underachieving teams like the New York Giants need to question their talent and discipline. Let’s not pretend this is Tim Tebow’s appeal to God. Jesus, Mary and Joseph have no place on the field… well, I guess Mary. Hail Mary. Jesus can’t be on the football field. He definitely wouldn’t be able to runt he crossing route. Okay, that was bad.Even by my standards, which are pretty low.

The point is that the NFL is not about a group of people coming together learning life lessons and winning through soul. That’s a Lifetime movie. Football is about beating the crap out of the other team. Hopefully, the Giants will keep the ship steered in the right direction next week when they face another division foe at home with the season on the line.

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