A Terrific Discovery

This week the two undefeated NFL teams played on Thursday and Saturday on the NFL Network. Unless you’re a bar, you probably don’t have the NFL Network.

Unless you only care about your teamĀ  (and your team doesn’t get scheduled for these “special” games), you may be annoyed that these games were somewhat withheld from your attention. As football makes its way to pay-per-view, the hackers fight back. Where there’s a law, there’s a loop-hole, especially with the presence of the always questionable world wide interweb. I usually don’t promote anything other that myself without compensation. It’s like the old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, no one will pay you to say it.” But this website is phenomenal and, since it’s the season of giving, I want to inform you about ATDHE.net.

They have every semi-decent live sporting event available to watch for the budget-friendly price of zero dollars. Not only are unpopular sports like soccer are on there, but some hockey thing called the American Hockey League is on there, too. I didn’t even know what the AHL is, but I could watch live games, if I wanted to learn.

Finding this site, of course, meant that my first experience with the valuable resource was watching Dallas upset New Orleans. Of all the game New Orleans could have lost, the Saints had to blow it to the most obnoxious team, who also happens to be in a position to keep the Giants out of the playoffs (assuming the Giants don’t pull themselves out of the playoffs by losing any of their remaining games). Seeing Jerry Jones happy is like seeing George W. Bush grin as Texas profits while the rest of the country calls the Republican National Committee to try to report a robbery that occurred over an eight year period. Yes, there’s a Texas theme here. Everything is bigger there, including the infuriating old men and their recreational habits of pissing off the rest of the states. Please do not tell anyone from Texas about the special sports site.

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