Jose Canseco Injected Mark McGwire, Everyone

Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids during his career, which is equivalent to NBC admitting they have no idea how to manage a late night line-up. Just more stuff everybody already knew. Of course, the story couldn’t be out for long before Jose Canseco added his recollection of the times he injected every single player in baseball.

BFFs McGwire & Canseco in the Golden Age of Roid Rage

In his controversial book “Juiced,” former Surreal Life cast member Jose Canseco claimed that he and McGwire injected each other with steroids in the clubhouse bathroom stalls before games when they were teammates in Oakland from 1986 to 1992. Other teammates saw the two in the stall together and assumed they were lovers, shooting each other up somewhere else with a different substance.

Even though he admitted to using steroids, as everyone in the world knew he had, Mark McGwire denied the Jose Canseco claim in an interview Monday night on the MLB Network. McGwire told Bob Costas that the story just was not true, reasoning that Canseco likely made it up in order to boost book sales. So McGwire, who denied using steroids, but has now admitted it, is denying a detail no one cares about during a time where his credibility is justifiably doubtful.

Why even bother the denial? To piss of Canseco, of course! Canseco just wants to run around and say he shot everyone up with steroids. McGuire will have none of that, damnit! He shot himself up!!!

“…it’s ironic and strange that Mark McGwire denies that I injected him with steroids. He’s calling me a liar again,” Canseco said Tuesday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I’ve defended Mark, I’ve said a lot of good things about him, but I can’t believe he just called me a liar.” How Canseco is surprised here makes even less sense than when Snookie on the Jersey Shore said, “that’s why I don’t eat lobster or anything.. cause it’s alive when you kill it and that’s disgusting.”

Cansec continued by pulling the Montell Williams lie detector card, “I even polygraphed that subject matter, that I injected him, and passed it completely. So I want to challenge him on national TV to a polygraph examination. I want to see him call me a liar under a polygraph examination.”

I don’t necessarily want to see the Brokeback Mountain of Steroids with lie detectors, but I’d watch. It’s better entertainment than rejected reality show contestants flirting with sluts in his basement.

Canseco said he is still a big fan of McGwire, and misses his firm buttocks… the pairs favorite injection site.  Canseco even believes McGwire would have broken the single-season home run record without using performance-enhancing drugs. Too bad he didn’t mention that to Mark when they were in the bathroom, breaking the law and the rules.

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2 Responses to Jose Canseco Injected Mark McGwire, Everyone

  1. andyandvickie says:

    Your last point is one that I wish wasn’t so overlooked – they broke the law. Send somebody to jail just once for this and I bet baseball really cleans up its act.

  2. Bob Santangelo says:

    Mark Mcgwire is a cheater.
    Tony La Russa is a liar.

    McGwire is not sorry for his use of steroids.
    He is sorry he got caught.

    For Tony La Russa to have us believe he had no idea that Mac was juicing is a joke. Only such a lie could come from a lawyer.

    To see Mac go from normal biceps to looking like Popeye was obvious to the entire world excpet la Russa.

    Mark.. take a polygraph or shut up.. you have no credibilty.

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