Number 1s

For the first time since 1993, the Superbowl will feature the top seeded teams in each conference. The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts were perfect deep into the season, and are set to face off in Miami to decide which of the conference’s best teams is better.
Setting up the Superbowl – Part 1
AFC Championship Game: New York Spelling Bees at Indianapolis Oilers

It was the match-up nobody wanted, according to this year’s most entertaining coach: Rex Ryan. Well, it was the match-up I wanted. The game was a chance to see how Week 16’s match-up between the two teams would’ve panned out, had Indy not surrendered the game and their chance at a perfect season.
I decided I wanted the Jets to win for the following reasons:
  • Rex Ryan. He’s like pregnant Andy Reid who can manage a clock.

    Rex Ryan wears black for the slimming effect

  • Karma. The Jets wouldn’t have even made the playoffs if Indy didn’t wuss out of that Week 16 game and now the very same team was in position to put them away for good.
  • Darrelle Revis. Sure his name is spelled like a female version of Darrell, but this guy is very fun to watch. 
  • The Great Outdoors. Screw you, stupid dome teams!
  • Underdogs. This team reminds me of the 2007 Giants. They got hot at the right time, have a strong defense and embrace their role of spoiler.
But just as the Jersey Shore had its finale this week, so did the Jets. Although they outplayed the Colts for the first half, “Gang Green” were outscored, 17-0, in the second half Sunday.
The Jets, who have been without star players DT Kris Jenkins and RB/KR Leon Washington since October, lost more talent on Sunday. CB Donald Strickland got hurt at the end of the first quarter. “I felt a pop in my groin,” Strickland explained. Although that may sound fun and recreational, this was of the injury variety, “I probably tore it,” Strickland clarified.
Later in the game, RB Shonne (variety #849 of “Sean”) Green fell victim to injury. There was just too much going against the Jets. But some felt the injuries weren’t the main cause of the loss. Proving it takes one to know one, WR Braylon Edwards believes “attitude” was the problem.
The Indianapolis Colts took care of business. Peyton Manning responded well to the fact that most of his receivers were well covered by throwing with precision and getting the ball to the less threatening, but still open targets.
The good news is that last time the Colts won a Superbowl, the Giants won the next year. History repeats itself, right?
Setting up the Superbowl – Part 2
NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Brett Favres at New Orleans Hurricanes

A dome game that was so sloppy, you would’ve thought they were playing in mud. There were nine fumbles and two interceptions. The biggest mistake belonged to America’s good ol’ boy, Brett Favre. Flushed from the pocket in the final minute of a tied game, the 187-year old (that’s in NFL years) never-been-mobile QB had room to run to set up a potentially game-winning field goal. But the old man was hampered by a left leg injury that happened in the third quarter, and opted not to hobble to in the open lane. Instead he threw cross-field and was intercepted.

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Farve, who was a focus of attention all season, set a record yesterday. The two interceptions give Farve the record for the most INTs by a QB in postseason history.
The Wrangler was beat up pretty badly. Enough to keep knock him out of the NFL for good? One can only hope. By the third quarter, Favre looked like he needed to return to the retirement community that he came from.
And with the overtime loss, Favre Lovefest is over!!! No more number 4 all over the sports world. Well, at least not for now. He’s like herpes. It seems like he’s gone, but he’ll flare up again.
“I would have loved to represent the NFC,” said Favre, who grew up in Mississippi and, apparently, still is a Saints fan. “But, as I told Sean throughout the year when we talked, if it’s not us, I hope it’s you guys.” I doubt Vikings fans feel the same consolation sentiment, but at least Bretty-Boy is happy.
The city of New Orleans is thrilled. It took about as long as it took FEMA, but the Saints finally came through.
Superbowl Setup

A rookie coach who doesn’t have a tough job because Peyton Manning runs the offense will face a team that has never played in the Superbowl, only the Superdome.
Colts receiver Pierre Garcon is using his Haitian roots to bring a cause to Indianapolis. A more recent natural disaster can be the invitation to their bandwagon. The midwesterners combat the Katrina card New Orleans seems to have no expiration date on. In case you haven’t noticed, the Saints represent the entire city of New Orleans rebuilding process. “This stadium used to have holes in it and used to be wet. It’s not wet anymore,” coach Sean Peyton astutely observed.
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