Team USA Bailout

With the New Orleans Saints winning the Superbowl and curing the ailments of Hurricane Katrina, the country can move forward to the upcoming Olympics for the next patriotic cause: bailing out Team USA.

Country artists such as Sugarland, Rascal Flatts and Gloriana, from the “real America” have recorded a soundtrack for the upcoming Winter Olympic games in Vancouver to raise money for Team USA.

While Haiti concerns remain in the forefront of the news, some patriots have turned inward to look at America.

Comedian Steven Colbert bailed out the Speed Skating team, who was broke after sponsor Dutch Bank DSB went broke because they’re a bank and a lot of banks, even outside the U.S., have lost to the global recession. Wamp wamp.

U.S. teams rely on sponsorship, which is not a good thing in a bad economy, a culture that won’t watch NBC anymore in a season that people seriously resent.

One company has combined the economical theory to boost spending with the need for Olympic funding. MyFanRewards, which motivates sports fans to charge for sports rewards from their spending, as opposed to good ol’ fashion airline miles or the always helpful cash back. Their current promotion matches cash back with a donation to Team USA.

Team USA needs to bring home as many gold medals as possible. They may need to pawn the medals off if the funding doesn’t come through.

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