Summer Blockbuster – Yankees Go 3-D

The YES Network (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) will team up with DirectTV to air the first 3-D baseball game this summer. Welcome to the future, Hoverboards coming soon!

New York Yankees Blackberry 3-D Logo

A couple of games between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners are scheduled to pioneer or guinea pig (depending on your feelings about the Bombers) the 3-D system before it is used for the All Star game in Anaheim. July 10th and 11th will be the premiere dates for super-ultra extra D.

The two-game test follows the recent 3-D broadcast of the Masters, as well as a Rangers-Islanders hockey game at Madison Square Garden. Both events weren’t watched by anyone.

Fox and DirecTV did a 3-D rehearsal broadcast from the ballpark in March because practicing the extra perspective is needed.

NESN, the regional sports network of the rival Boston Red Sox, has not scheduled any 3-D broadcasts, but has been looking into adding the emerging TV effect to its programming. “We are evaluating new technology, including 3-D,” NESN’s promotions manager Gary Roy explained. “If it’s something we think will improve the viewers’ experience, we will try it.”

3-D Specs

In order to see the game, DirecTV viewers will need a free software upgrade, oh and a 3-D TV set, along with special glasses. Price is similar to getting box seats at the stadium. Wearing stylish 3-D specs? Priceless!

The 3-D bandwagon is filling up. Content distributors, programmers and television makers are racing to get in with the 3-D after box-office sales set a record last year, boosted by the blue epic “Avatar,” the highest-grossing movie of all time. Even though the Great Recession will limit the amount of people who can actually afford to buy this advanced technology, it won’t stop electronics companies from going full-throttle. DirecTV has plans to start three dedicated 3-D channels, while Sony, Samsung Electronics Co. and Panasonic are introducing 3-D TVs this year.

The amount of U.S. households that will have a 3-D television set in four years will rise to 45 percent from 3 percent this year, according to U.K.-based research firm Futuresource Consulting who has not factored in that most households have 3-D viewing already through old-fashioned windows.

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