Midseason Baseball Thoughts

The title pretty much summarizes the whole thing.


Who woulda thunk that the Year of the Pitcher would happen as performance-enhancing drugs became obviously less prominent? Go figure.

Here are the impressive 2010 pitching gems:

Near No Hitter – Broken Up in the 9th Inning

June 13 — Ted Lilly, Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox; pinch hitter Juan Pierre no-out single up the middle, Cubs 1-0.

Near Perfect Game – Broken Up in the 9th Inning

July 10 — Travis Wood, Cincinnati Reds at Philadelphia Phillies; Carlos Ruiz no-out double to left-centerfield, Phillies 1-0, 11 innings.

No Hitters

National League
June 26 — Edwin Jackson(notes), Arizona at Tampa Bay, 1-0
April 17 — Ubaldo Jimenez(notes), Colorado at Atlanta, 4-0

Perfect Games

American League

May 9 — Dallas Braden of the Oakland A’s vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 4-0

June 2 — Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians*

*Not officially counted due to human error

National League

May 29 — Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies at home against theĀ  Florida Marlins, 1-0

Onto the thoughts…

  • The New York Yankees & Tampa Bay Rays are the best two teams in baseball. Had either of these teams picked up Cliff Lee, the AL pennant would’ve been decided.
  • Also in the AL East, the Baltimore Orioles are the worst team in baseball. But even with terrible pitching, the team swept the AL West leading Rangers before the All-Star break and have had a .500 effort against the Boston Red Sox. Considering playoff spots are decided by less than a handful of games, poor performance against lowly Baltimore may spoil season results for a couple of teams.
  • The Washington Nationals have a league-high 75 fielding errors at the halfway point. The blooper reel is all set in DC, which can now be officially referred to as the City of Ooops.
  • The season surprise so far is a tie between overbearing Strasburg coverage and the barely covered success of the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Dallas Braden picked a fight with A-Rod before Dallas Braden threw a perfect game to become a known MLB name. Even Braden’s gramma spoke up against A-Rod, the favored target for scrutiny.

    A-Rod Has a Ring to Make Him Happy

    Speaking of A-Rod, he is approaching 600 career homeruns. His therapist will be especially busy once he hits #599.

  • Lists are fun, easy and need have any direction.
  • Ozzie Guillen is way overdue for a curse-ridden rant of epic proportions. Imagine if Jim Joyce blew a Perfect Game for Ozzie’s team? The feces would hit the fan… which sounds worse than the actual the term.
  • The MLB Midseason Classic drew the lowest-ever television ratings for the All-Star Game on Tuesday night. Making the game worth home field advantage has not succeeded in making the game more exciting. The politics of providing all the players with some field time, the fact that Fox’s baseball coverage is fairly painful, and/or fifty minute’s worth of introductions don’t seem to do the trick for viewers.
  • The ESPYs continue as the most fake, meaningless and absolutely unnecessary of all awards shows. Doesn’t ESPN understand that the actual best win their own trophies?

There’s still a whole ‘nother half a season of baseball stories to go! More drama will certainly ensue because where there are balls, there are brawls.

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