The NBA Dilemma

Free Agency Alliance

As NBA Free Agents join their friends to form Dream Teams, the level of competition in the NBA becomes even more unbalanced. If it weren’t for the fact that professional sports are businesses working towards profits, now could be a good time to reduce the number of teams in league… since so many of them are irrelevant anyway.

The Free Agency Summer Bonanza is pushing the NBA to new levels, creating stacked power teams and leaving other teams dry of talent. In the latest conspiracy plan, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony work to come to New York to play with Amare Stoudemire, forming a trifecta of talent to rival the Three Kings of Miami, the Big 3 of Boston and the other talented teams that don’t have three player star sets (Lakers, Magic… maybe Spurs).

The Big 3 That Started the Craze

In 1946, the NBA originated with eleven teams. Sixty-four years later, the league has expanded to nearly triple that many teams, with thirty clubs playing a marathon season which allows more than half the teams to participate in the epic playoffs.  There was a star or superstar on each team, but now those guys are ganging up, leaving a lot of teams with no leader, no showboat to entertain fans night after night. The league is overpopulated with match-ups that don’t match-up.

Michael Jordan chimed in with his two cents about LeBron’s big move, eloquently criticizing a lack of competitive desire that James showed by pairing up with more than one superstar.

Now Public Enemy No. 2?

Until now, the Lakers were the most hated pro-basketball team. But thanks to the over-hyped Decision, an “anyone but Miami” sentiment seems to have swept the country.  Perhaps it is because Lebron James didn’t deliver his news with charisma or honesty, something the millions of viewers had the right to expect, considering what should have been a press conference was a one-hour event.

Had LBJ admitted to the rumored Olympic pact, or even just revealed a genuine enthusiastic excitement to play with two great talents and friends, he may have been better received. However, Lebron’s announcement was anti-climactic as he sat almost bashful, shrinking in the limelight he created for himself. He made himself a circus and failed as ringmaster.

And with such scheming, it leaves the overwhelming feel that Lebron is taking a short-cut, trying to pull a fast few championships by swimming in the deep end of the talent pool, exposing the NBA’s vast shallow end.

If “bigger is better” wasn’t the mentality of today’s world, this would be a great time to shrink the NBA in order to grow the competition.

Also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog, and on Player Press


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