Fan Urinates in Wound That is Cleveland

Too soon to wear a Lebron James Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians home game where the Evil Empire New York Yankees are beating the tribe without providing the fans with A-Rod’s milestone piece of history? Yeah, yeah it is.

Fan in Lebron Heat Jersey

Remember how Lebron James left his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers to sheepishly announce that he has conspired with his BFFs to win the championship he couldn’t win in Cleveland, who got the news via media circus? Remember that Lebron James used to wear a New York Yankees baseball hat around town all the time? These elements combined to an emotional explosion from fans on Wednesday night, leading to the fan’s ejection from Progressive Field.

The A-hole chants greeted the fan, whose presence succeeded in kicking Cleveland while it’s down. The Indians are down, joining the Kansas City Royals in the basement of the American League’s Central division. Oh, and the economy in the city hasn’t recovered at all. It’s an all-around bad time to be Cleveland right now in any respect.

Also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog, and on Player Press

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