K-Rod Takes a Swing

New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez, commonly referred to a K-Rod, was suspended two days for by the Mets and, oh yeah, arrested for assaulting his father-in-law girlfriend’s Dad in the stadium last night. Right when you thought the Mets were getting boring in their self-destruction, they shake it up with a little on-site domestic violence.

K-Rod's Baseball Mugshot

Pitchers in the National League get fewer swings than their position-player teammates. But K-Rod made up for missed at bats last night by going after his father-in-law girlfriend’s Dad, sending the man to the hospital in what could have only been a fantastic pay-per-view opportunity lost.

K-Rod was arrested for the assault which took place on the job, in the clubhouse, following Wednesday’s 6-2 loss. Of course, right? Who fights after a win? K-Rod didn’t pitch in the game, but he may have warmed up.

The closer is being charged with 3rd degree assault. He’s been suspended by his team for two games, since he caused the ruckus at Citi Field.

It’s thoughtful of the Mets to add some off-field self-destruction to match their predictable late-season meltdown. The organization could use therapy for their personnel in both business and personal respects. And since they are good at spending money with no results, that option is completely realistic for the Queens kids.

Also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog, and on Player Press

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