And the Emmy goes to… Derek Jeter!

He’s a shortstop. He’s a captain. He’s an actor!

Derek Jeter Acting Hit

Derek Jeter has had a pretty bad season as far as hitting is concerned. But last night the Yankee captain proved he can have a good night at the plate as far as acting hit is concerned.

In an exciting series in Tampa Bay, the Yankees forged a new effort in the rubber game played last night to decide the series. The Yankees took the lead in the 7th inning after home-plate umpire Lance Barksdale ruled that a pitch struck Ford spokesman Derek Jeter on the left arm, putting him on first base for Curtis Granderson, who followed with his 18th home run of the season. That’s acting that pays off!

Derek Jeter doubled over and winced in the pain that may reflect how he personally feels about his season in general, while receiving attention from a trainer. Seen clearly in replay, the ball hit the end of his bat. Jeter confessed to this later, since it was too obvious to hide forever. He did, however, get away with it when it mattered, displaying an acting range that may come in handy soon, when he’s retired from ball and looking to keep himself busy.

“He told me to go to first base. I’m not going to tell him I’m not going to first, you know,” Jeter explained profoundly. “It’s part of the game. My job is to get on base. Fortunately for us it paid off at the time, but I’m sure it would have been a bigger story if we would have won that game.”

It’s true. Karma was not a fan of the drama, and the Rays won anyway. This could be a testament to what kind of season the captain is having: even when it seems like he did something good for the team, it doesn’t really pay off. Wamp wamp.

Rays manager Joe Maddon argued unsuccessfully that the ball hit Jeter’s bat, which eventually drew an ejection from the game. However, as we learned this week, Maddon could have rejoined the team without punishment at the end of the game to celebrate the victory, Ian Kinsler style.

The stunt has drawn attention to MLB policies, making managers think more about replay rules. It’ll take baseball a long time to get their act together on the replay thing, but it wouldn’t take long for them to throw together an awards show… just sayin’…

Also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog, and on Player Press


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