President Leaves Washington

Mr. Kartsen went to Washington. Now Mr. Karsten leaves Washington.

Stan Kasten, the team president of Washington Nationals will resign at the end of the season. The Nationals have finished with the worst record in the majors in both 2008 and 2009. This year, they are on their way to a 3rd consecutive last-place finish in the NL East. Apparently, when the losing gets tough, the Captain of the losers gets going.

In 2008, the Nationals got a new stadium, but those seats aren’t being filled. With their attendance ranking 14th in the 16-team National league, the Washington Nationals continue to struggle five years after moving from Montreal.

When he came to Washington, Kasten strategically planned to improve the team. His focus was pitching, as well as grooming young talent, similar to what he did for the Atlanta Braves. But lightning did not strike twice. Like many promises in DC, it was unfulfilled.

The only good thing to happen to the Nationals of late was phenom Stephen Strasburg, who is already out, having reconstructive elbow surgery that will keep him off the mound til 2012. Not the kind of break the Nats were looking for.

Soon-to-be former President Kasten was a busy, powerful man on the Atlanta sports scene for more over twenty years. He ran all of the big four teams except the Falcons. Braves, Hawks and Thrashers were all his. But he left all three gig in November 2003, as the Hawks and Thrashers were on the verge of being sold to new owners, and the Braves underwent budget cuts.

How badly does he wish he never left Atlanta? Probably as badly as the Nationals have been playing. Zing.

Also posted on National Lampoon’s Splog, and on Player Press


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