Lebron Digs a Black Hole

Right when it seemed like LeBron James was at the bottom of the popularity barrel, he digs deeper. LBJ moved into Bernie Madeoff levels of public hatred Wednesday night, when he told a CNN reporter that race is a factor in the overwhelming backlash against him, since he aired the ridiculousness that was The Decision.


We Are All Witnesses, In the Downfall of Lebron's Image


PR companies around the world are using Lebron James as an example of how not to promote yourself. After an interview on Wednesday, there is another slide to add to that PowerPoint presentation.

Lebron pulled the race card, when he should have pulled the apologetic, “I was a self-absorbed dick” card. But his business partner in crimes against charisma only supports the bad decisions.

To further escalate the tarnishing of his reputation, LeBron told ESPN’s favorite slave, Rachel Nichols, that people were looking too deep into his comments. On Thursday, he told Nichols that he stands by what he said. He says that race is a factor in everything, which is out of the context of the CNN interview. Lebron wasn’t simply commenting on how he feels the world works, he was speaking in the context of his handling (mishandling, actually) of his free-agency status being disliked due to the color of his skin.


He may be able to pose like he's thinking, but he's not


This brings up a serious question: Does Lebron James really not understand why people don’t like him?

Is no one in Lebron’s inner circle informing him that The Decision was the worst decision he’s ever made? Does he pay his buddies too much to tell him the truth? Or are they as ignorant as he is?

Either way, it’s not like the public didn’t notice Lebron James is black until this summer’s media mess. He didn’t come out of the black closet. So how could it even be possible that race is a factor in his image now?

Perhaps the great Lebron, the Chosen One, should have chosen some education beyond high school or at least surrounded himself with a smarter entourage. But for now, he continues to dig a hole, where any chance of a good reputation can be buried.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant is looking damn good.

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