Dear ESPN,

Your flagship program has an incredible flaw. This defect has already existed for far too long, it’s time to resolve the dilemma.

Da-da-da, da-da-da

Sportcenter, the more than daily sports news show that is centered around highlights, has problems with highlights. A ticker scrolls at the bottom of the screen during Sportscenter, whether the show is presenting highlights, news, analysis, opinions, or interviews. The ticker scrolls through scores and headlines. The problem is that sometimes the highlights are going through a game and, during such, the ticker at the bottom pops up the final score of such game, revealing the results of the game being presented in review.

It’s not a huge deal to have the surprise of the highlights will end be ruined by the ticker, after all, many times the viewer already knows the results or doesn’t care enough to be bothered by it. But is it really so technologically difficult to rig the ticker to skip a game score if that is the game being presented in the highlights?

Perhaps the ticker should read, “SPOILER ALERT!” to warn viewers of the dangers of looking at it during highlights.

Considering Sportscenter likes to play the suspense card, it’s amazing that the highlight reel and ticker rotation have never been in coordination, despite being on the same page.

C’mon ESPN! Get a little logic driven technology on this sometime between now and several years ago.

Rachel L. Arbeit

Also posted onĀ National Lampoon’s Splog, and PlayerPress

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