Dallas, You Have a Problem

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2010-11 Dallas Cowboys, predicted by many to be a Superbowl team, are 1-4!


Big D: The D is for Disappointment


There will be no over-celebrating, no popcorn yet, but the inability to win by the Dallas Cowboys is nice… very nice.

The over-hyped team gets a lot of penalties, something that usually is a reflection of poor coaching. But Jerry Jones continues to support head coach Wade Phillips. Actually, Dallas seems to have found few problems with their team, beyond penalties, touch opponents and bad luck. They love Romo, Phillips, and their entire cast of rule-breaking characters.

The losing efforts of this team, especially if they continue, may cause them to panic or simply embrace their faulty ways and suck a lot until they give up. I’m fine with either, or both, really.

Also posted onĀ National Lampoon’s Splog, and PlayerPress


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