World Series Game 1 Review

Some pitching duel!

He Put All His Weight Into It

The World Series began last night in San Francisco. Tim Lincecum, whose hair is brushed only by the wind, faced Cliff Lee, who is looking to perfect his resume in order to attract the highest possible bid to his free agency this summer. But like a good martini, this game had a twist. The anticipated pitchers duel did not play out as predicted. The bats were bigger than the balls. The hits just kept on comin’!

The Giants knocked out Cliff Lee like the Giants knocked out Romo.

In fact, the Giants game Monday and Giants game Wednesday share some of the same sentiments:

  • The Giants fell behind early, and also slid at the end, but took such a dominant lead in between, that they withstood their own late game faults.
  • The hurler that replaced the starting star did not perform well.
  • The Texas coach/manager seems to be on drugs.
  • It was a sloppy game, full of errors/turnovers.
  • The final result… the Giants, from the perceived “less talented” league/conference, beat Texas!

No matter what the result of the World Series, the success of the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants makes up for the fact that their city’s football teams are terrible.

On the topic of terrible…

How badly did Josh Hamilton want a drink after the loss last night? How many people are rooting against the Rangers becauseĀ  Josh Hamilton’s poster boy image as recovery clean man America is nauseating?

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