Phreakin’ Philly

The Giants D hadn’t played for 3 weeks (no show, not needed during blow out, bye week)… which meant at least they were well rested for a Sunday Night showdown against the Eagles.

NFC East Top Teams (so far)

“We knew this game wasn’t going to be like the last game,” Vick said, implying that the Washington Redskins are an inferior team, which is good news for the Giants, who still have to play the politically incorrect team twice.
But it was still a game that make Vick smile in Philadelphia Phreedom Got-Outta-Jail happiness.
For many reasons, including the fact that Eli Manning doesn’t know how to slide, the Giants lost a game they had no business being in, but due to the defense playing hard, had a chance to win.
A designed/lucky 4th & 1 play for a TD put the Eagles in a lead they didn’t relinquish after that point. “We usually go with a sneak,” McCoy said. “We showed that formation and they bought it.” Had the Eagles gone for the usual, they would’ve most certainly been stopped. Woulda/coulda/shoulda. Sigh.
It was an intense game. Prime-time worthy, coincidentally. Turnovers were the killer. Not the dog killer, that’s Vick, just the game killer.
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