Hines Sight

Veteran Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward made his opinion about the NFL known. They may or may not make sense. Depends on your definition of “sense”.

A Man of Many Wards

Hines Ward has been talking about the NFL, explaining that considers the league to have a hypocritical stance on player safety. A 13-year player, Ward argued that the NFL recently toughened its stance only because it wants to expand to an 18-game season.

Yes, logic says, this makes sense. If you want more games but fewer likeliness of injury, then stricter rules will do that, theoretically. Whether that’s good for the game or not is an actual argument Ward didn’t get into.

Ward simply made the bold statement of the NFL that, “They don’t care about the safety of the game. You talk about you don’t want players to drink … and all you see is beer commercials. You don’t want us to gamble, but then there are [NFL-endorsed lottery scratch-off games].”

Um, the beer commercials are obviously for the people watching the game, not those playing the game.

Same goes for the lottery scratch-off games. Any player trying to win few bucks off the lotto with their 6-figure salary should be expelled from the league and entered into a mental institution.

Speaking for the players, Ward talked a considerable amount of  confusion amongst footballers about which hits are legal and which are not, since the league implemented a more rigorous fine for dangerous hits earlier this season.

Ward’s teammate, LB James Harrison has been fined $125,000 for four separate hits, two of which were not penalized. That is strange, to be fined for something not bad enough to draw a flag.

“We don’t know what the league wants,” Ward said, despite the fact that the NFL clearly wants more games with less injuries… a feat which may or may not be attainable.

In true supportive teammate fashion, in sharing his opinions, Ward did not share an opinion on whether he is for or against a quick bathroom rape.

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