Oakland Colesium to be Called Overstock.com Coliseum

Hey! That's where the Oakland teams play!!!

For a place where the Oakland Raiders and Oakland Athletics play, Overstock.com is a pretty fitting name. Or you can call it O.co-Liseum…

The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum will be renamed Overstock.com Coliseum under a six year deal that should be approved since there’s a lot of money in it and people like/need/want money.

Some locals aren’t interested in corporate branding. “What’s next? Sponsorship renaming the firing range the Glock Grounds?” a Bay-area boy asked, seemingly referring to an area known as “the flats.”

The Salt Lake City-based firm is in the process of re-branding itself as O.co in an effort to gain customers throughout the world… which means the company may change the name to O.Co, which is a reasonable abbreviation for Oakland Coliseum.

The venue has been looking for a new corporate sponsor, when McAfee Inc., a maker of anti-virus software, also an appropriate sponsor for the teams, declined to extend its yearly $1.3 million naming rights deal for the stadium.

The agreement is being made even though the future is uncertain for the A’s and Raiders, who have both indicated desires to leave the place that next year will become the only venue that’s home to a professional baseball and football team. Also, both teams leases at the coliseum expire in 2013.

Overstock.com, anticipating a possible departure of the teams, has an opt out option, something fans have been seeking for years.

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