Something In the Lack of Water: Africans Dominate NYC Marathon

The top five men and top three women to finish yesterday’s NYC Marathon are from Africa, where running is the most common and practical form of transportation.

Africans show off their skill of being able to run 24.2 miles more than the average American

Over 41,000 people ran through all five boroughs in this year’s ING Marathon. There haven’t been that many people on the New York City streets since Rudy Giuliani released the homeless at the end of his time as mayor nearly ten years ago.

But unlike the bums, the marathon runners came from all over the world. Some wonder why Americans can’t win their own race. Here are a couple of pictures that illustrate why the home team can’t win this exhausting lack-of-contact sport… they’re not taking it seriously!

Elvis Isn't Ahead

Um... Halloween was SO last week people!

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