With baseball’s over and having given hockey one game to impress me (it failed), it’s more apparent that there’s no NBA. How can this be, you may ask. Well, that’s just one of many questions I’ll make up answers to!

Is the NBA trying to avoid being the 1% so they don't have to pay the tax rate that the 1% doesn't have to pay but a lot of people want them to pay? Probably not.

Q: How can this be?

A: Where there is great money, there need be great responsibility. However, this country no longer has money, nor does it value responsibility.

Q: When will the NBA recognize that they’re alienating their fans?

A: They will better understand once their fans really start getting into college football and basketball and, consequently, realize those are better sports.

Q: Is this about money or power?

A: It’s about the power of money, actually.

Q: Really?

A: No. It’s about stupidity and ego.

Q: Is this Lebron’s fault?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you really believe that Chauncey Billups would forfeit his $14.3 million salary for a new CBA?

A: Sure. If he doesn’t have a drug problem, a gambling problem, more than one baby mama with expensive drama and fewer than six kids, he can actually afford to be unemployed for a year.

Q: Why couldn’t Kim Kardashian employ Kris Humphries as her husband for the entire lockout?

A: She’s only creating temp jobs, apparently… which is unacceptable. She needs to be a real job creator. She is the 1%! But she’s not taking care of the little big guy. She’s being a butthead because, well, it’s ALWAYS about ass with Kim Kardashian… first it was the sex tape, then just the fact that’s it huge, and now she’s the butt of every joke!

Q: It’s not NBA, but can we lockout Tim Tebow?

GB2 = Gotta Barf cause of this square

A: If this beauty from his holiness can’t get you into heaven, I dunno what can…

Q: Now that it’s November, I feel confused… unaware, if you will. Is there breast cancer? Someone should get a professional sports league on this!

A: I can see pink now… The Anaheim Daisy Ducks.

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