MLB Working to Ensure World Series is Always a Rematch

Major League Baseball is going in for a realignment… because why should the National Basketball Association be the only league pissing off their fans right now?

Soon There Will Be One Two-Sided Bird

Reports say that MLB will approve the sale of the Houston Astros only if new management agrees to move the team from the National League to the American League. Bunch of bullies!

New Astros owner businessman Jim Crane said, “I don’t care what you do with this piece of s*** team!”

If you’re now curious as to why Crane even bought the team, then you have the same train of thought as me! His friends say Crane feels that owning a team like the Astros is, “like playing real fantasy minor league baseball.” Others, however, assume that Crane just wants to be able to brag that he owns one more baseball team than anyone else (other than the owners/co-owners)

Moving the Astros to the AL (which will likely happen in 2013) creates an even 15-15 split of MLB’s 30 teams between the leagues, which is great if your OCD requires everything to be perfectly even.

It’s not great if you don’t like the idea of change, or the idea that two Texas teams will be in the same division. The latter ruins the fun of the interleague series based on geographical location.

But have no fear, in the realignment plan, interleague play will occur all season long!

The United Teams of Nationally American Baseball

Which leads to the question… Why even have two leagues if they’re all gunna play each other all season?

Plus, if all teams play each other it will make the World Series match-up a rematch. Sure that already happens sometimes, since there is some interleague, but this new move guarantees it will happen every season.

Many fans feel that on a scale from one to less exciting, this makes the climax of the season less exciting.

“Isn’t the whole point of moving of the Astros to make the leagues equal? Why not have them separate but equal? Doesn’t that philosophy always work?” Roland Peachtree from Atlanta asks.

Good questions, Roland… good questions that Bud Selig is sure not to answer. He’s in the business of making money, not ensuring classic rivalries thrive as new ones naturally develop. Profit over product, people… profit over product.

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2 Responses to MLB Working to Ensure World Series is Always a Rematch

  1. klownboy says:

    I would have taken it a step further and eliminated divisions altogether and have the top 6 teams qualify for the playoffs.

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