Vikings Waive Goodbye to Donovan McNabb

No More Soup for You!

"Wait? What happened?" - McNabb at least twice a game for 13 seasons

“I still think I could start somewhere,” McNabb told reporters. “Don’t them Canadians have their own little league?”

In Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf’s statement, he stated that McNabb is “the kind of football player who will make you feel like the dome roof collapsed after every snap.” After explaining that he’s put the fans through enough the last season several dozens of seasons, Wilf went on to say, “I wish the best of luck to Donovan, who will certainly need it if he’s continues to mentally live in the year 2003.”

Adrian Peterson commented on his feelings about the veteran quarterback, “I’ll miss him like I miss Tavaras Jackson.” Later the star runningback mentioned that “part of me is sad he’s leaving, because play that bad makes me look even better, but part of me is happy because someone who doesn’t complain of chronic back pain will hand the ball off to me.”

This has been the best week of the 2011 season for Vikings fans. Marla Pootin from Rochester explained the feelings of the faithful when she said, “Between another washed up has been QB being cut from our team, and the Jaguars lookin’ like they’re going to be the folks movin’ to Los Angeles… well it’s been special in a real mediocre half-decent Minnesota way!”

Philly: Where McNabb Felt the Best About Himself

Back where it all started, in the city of Brotherly Love, the Super Fan P.H.A.N.A.T.I.C. (Philadelphia Hairy-Ass Native Acting Totally Idiotically Constantly) told the Philadelphia Inquirer that “even though this is the season of booing Santa, we can save jeers for Donovan… if he wants to come back.”

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One Response to Vikings Waive Goodbye to Donovan McNabb

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Yeah, we’ll see how good of shape he is in–the rumors are swirling.

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