The Incredible Anti-Aging New York Football Giants!

The New York Football Giants are Super Bowl Champions – and they’ve never felt younger!

Head Coach Tom Coughlin, the oldest coach in NFL history to win a Super Bowl, says he feels 20 years younger. Meanwhile, David Letterman told Eli Manning he looks younger. Sure, Coughlin probably made his remark to convince the Giants to extend his contract despite his retirement age and yes, Letterman was simply commenting that Eli has a baby face when he shaves… but, what if this team is the Benjamin Button of football?

Eli Manning: From Main Street to Wall Street

Does it mean in four years they’ll be pee wee champs!?!

Little younger Manning brother Eli traveled from Disney’s Main Street to New York’s Wall Street. Celebratory parades have, reportedly, kept the two-time champion too busy to get the chance to put his thumb to his nose and tease brother Peyton and father Archie with the classic, “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo!”

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