Top NFL Draft Picks Debut the Fancy Suits They’ll Need for Court Later

The NFL is also a fashion show where top prospects show off proper courtroom attire that will likely be shown to a judge sometime in the near future.

To the surprise of no one, Andrew Luck is picked first in the 2012 NFL draft

Men who seem to look younger and younger every year for some reason, get all nice and dressed up for a night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

This old football tradition prompts players expecting to be drafted into the NFL to purchase a nice suit. Though football is not played in suits, many of these draft picks will probably follow the way of so many in the league and end up in court (not the basketball court). Some of these prospects will eventually join the list of the 400-plus players who have been arrested since 2000 that you find on the NFL Arrest Database, where you can search by name, team and position.

Watching these athletes break in their finest judicially respectful looks is exciting because the formal attire is awarded by being crowned with a baseball hat.

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