Basketball Doesn’t Mean Enough to Dwayne Wade

According to his new book, “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball,” basketball player Dwayne Wade does not put basketball first.

Wade’s Book – Buy It If You Support Fatherhood

The eight-time All-Star guard for the Miami Heat chose not to write a book about basketball,  his craft and the reason we know who he is, but about being a father.

“I know that if or whenever I’m told I should write a book, it’ll be able the game,” a certain league MVP teammate of Wade’s said. “Basketball is number one in my life. I’m dedicated. I didn’t even choose basketball. Basketball chose me. Put that in a book!’

When Dwayne Wade allowed someone else to come in and be the best player on his team, it wasn’t yet known that it’s because he cares more about his role off the court, as a Dad. But now that he wrote this book, the whole Decision makes a lot more sense. Wade obviously doesn’t care about basketball enough.

In the book by a basketball player that is not about basketball, Wade said that breaking the cycle in his family and his community of “babies having babies” was a priority. He had his first son at age 20, so he may have meant babies pretty literally. The book also discusses the challenge to be the best full-time dad he can be, considering he’s never around, he’s always playing basketball.

While fans crave inside information, women love a man who is committed to his children. Luckily, Dwayne Wade knows how to appeal to both his fans and the ladies, as shown in this insightful except from the book:

I love the chants, the stomping of feet, the eruptions of cheers, hoots, and hollers. Besides the fact that I’m lucky to do what I love for my living, I’m blessed every day on the job with the joy of hearing fans and announcers call my name. Not to mention various nicknames — from “D‑Wade” to “Flash” to just “#3.”

But as much as I love the music of the crowd when they’re with me, none of that comes close to the thrill of hearing my sons call out my most favorite name of all: “Daddy!”

That’s right, it’s possible for a professional basketball to enjoy his fans rooting for him AND his kids calling his name. Amazing.

So go ahead and pick up this super-glossy book because you like Dwayne Wade, don’t you? What did you think he was supposed to do this off-season while he recovered from knee surgery, play with his kids?

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