Dear NFL, Can we please challenge the bad calls you later admit are bad calls?

As a New York Giants football fan, last Sunday night was rough for me. One of the most difficult parts of that frustrating and tough loss to the rival Dallas Cowboys, was two terrible calls by the officials. On Thursday, the NFL told the team that they did make mistakes in important calls in the game. This only adds to the frustration of a very imperfect game.

While it’s nice, I guess, for the NFL to admits the blown calls, there are nothing comes of it. The game can’t be changed after the fact.

Not Pass Interference

Not Pass Interference

But, perhaps, the NFL can consider adjusting the rules to make for more accurate games in the future. Pass interference penalties very often drastically change games. Because these plays happens quickly, we learn more on what occurs with slow motion reply. I ask that the NFL implement a rule to allow pass interference penalties to be challenged.

Accuracy in calls makes for a more fair game and I’d like to see that applied to NFL in a way which can check the level of human error flag throwing officials in the league.

Kindly consider this.

Thank you.

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