NFL 2015 – Loser Survivor Pool: Week 2

Week 1 wasn’t too bad. Of the 105 entries, only the 16 that chose St. Louis to lose to division rival Seattle, San Fran to lose to Minnesota and the stray picks for Tennessee and Arizona were out. But Week 2 was a whole other story…

The biggest line of Week 2 was the 0-1 New Orleans Saints at home against the division-rival Tampa Bay Winstoneers. Considering how bad TB looked week 1, the spread and New Orleans top-notch home field advantage, 30 of the remaining 89 entries, including one of my own, jumped on.

As a general rule of thumb, here is a list of things I like in pick to lose:

  • Confident the team I’m picking is worse than the team they are playing. Seems obvious, but this is the look at the talent and compare check.
  • Road team is preferred, as home teams have an advantage.
  • Not a division game, as those tend to have a history that can yield unpredictable results.
  • Decent point spread, because the odds makers in Vegas likely know more than I know.

So with that in mind, I picked Tampa Bay to lose a division game. With one of my other 3 entires, myself and 9 others selected Jacksonville to lose at home to the Miami Dolphins. Unfortunately, that game saw Jacksonville looking more alive than they have in years. They won their first September game since 2012. The lesson here is to never trust Florida, especially when it plays itself.

With my third pick, I selected the New York Jets. I didn’t believe in the FitzMagic and didn’t see that Indy has the same disease as the New York Giants so far this season, completely frustrating to watch. 15 entries believed in Gang Green fail, and we were all wrong.

13 entries chose Oakland to be losers to Baltimore. That game went to the last minute, but the results were not as predicted. 3 entries counted on Washington to lose at home to St. Louis. 3 more figured no Dez Bryant, no chance for Dallas in Philly. 2 picked Cleveland to lose to Tennessee, who looked so sharp Week 1. A solo entry believed Denver would lose to division-rival KC.

Week 2 knocked the pool from 89 entries to a dozen.

The survivors picked against San Francisco, a game that while looked tempting, was tough for me to sell myself on since Pittsburgh lost in Week 1 (due to Bellicheating, but still a loss) and SF won in Week 1 (against Minnesota, but still a win). 4 other entries survived picking the almost World Champion Seahawks to lose in Green Bay, in a game I would have never gone near as both sides just have too much talent. But Green Bay held down their fort and won. And then one pick took Buffalo to lose to the best cheaters in football, the actual World Champion division-rival Patriots… in Buffalo.

Rules are made to be broken and they were. Now only 12 entries will continue.

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