NFL 2015 – Loser Survivor Pool: Week 3 Picks

Only one dozen of the 105 entries remain, and this week they chose 3 different teams to lose.

The biggest lines of the week are Seattle getting 14.5 points at home over the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots getting 13.5 points at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

5 entries went for Chicago to lose. With Jay Cutler out they are, theoretically, even worse. But is Jimmy Clausen that much worse? Yes, he really is. While there is less film out there on Clausen to study, Seattle has Cam Chancellor back and has to be itching to get their first win of the season and not fall to 0-3. Plus, they are in Seattle, which arguably has the best home field advantage in the NFL – especially since they sell out no problem with the franchise’s recent success. Also, Chicago is looking really terrible.

3 entries had faith that Jacksonville would return to their loser ways against the New England Cheating Cheaters. It would be a miracle for lowly Jacksonville to win two in a row, but what if the Patriots don’t bother to cheat? What if they just assume they can whoop a team like this no problem and then are surprised? Oh wait, they are in New England. They can always unplug headsets if the Jaguars get close.

The next biggest line of the week are Green Bay favored by 6.5 home against the Kansas City Andy Reid Chiefs, Arizona Cardinals at home against the San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers at home against the New Orleans Saints. Carolina/New Orleans is a division game, Carolina is an inconsistent team that can’t really be trusted and it’s unclear if Drew Brees will play. This explains why no one picked New Orleans to lose.

No one picked the 49ers to lose (also a division game), but of the 12 remaining entries, 7 couldn’t pick ’em because they already used them.

But 4 entries went for Kansas City to lose to the Packers. The Packers, as usual, look terrific. Aaron Rodgers is up to 545 consecutive pass attempts at Lambeau without an interception. That’s pretty ridiculous. But Kansas City has Jamaal Charles, one of the best backs in the league. They aren’t a bad team. Of the picks for the week, this is the least safe, I feel. But I’m also out cause my feelings are inaccurate.

The two picks I thought I might see that no one took was San Francisco to lose (but again, not many could even make that pick) and Washington to lose. As a Giants fan, tonight’s game is do or die. After starting a frustrating 0-2, going 0-3 and 0-2 in the division would be quite the hole to try to get out of. But Washington is not very good and the Giants have played them well in the past couple of years. However, with their horrific 0-2 start, I can see why people don’t trust the Giants, especially in a division game before Victor Cruz returns.

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