NFL 2015 – Loser Survivor Pool: Week 4 Picks

This week: A variety fun pack of picks! The remaining 12 entries picked 8 different teams.

Detroit, Chicago and New Orleans are the league’s defeated teams. Detroit plays Monday night in Seattle. Being 10-point dogs makes them the least believed in team of the week. 1/3 of the remaining loser pool entries pounced on the Lions to continue their losing ways.

Chicago at home against Oakland was too shaky for anyone to go for, as was New Orleans without Brees Sunday night against Dallas without Romo.

But not having their starting QB made Pittsburgh the pick for one of the entries. On the theme of no offense and no real starting QB, Houston and Cleveland were also chosen. While Jameis Winston is certainly the started in Tampa Bay, he’s completed fewer than half his passes in 2 of the 3 games this season. And Carolina is unbeaten! How about that? Is the NFC South not the worst now? Possibly not.

Because Florida sucks all around, one entry trusted that Jacksonville merely had a fluke win in Week 2 against Miami and will be crushed by Indy, who last week showed they are capable of winning.

As Denver remains very capable for winning even though Peyton Manning’s arm may fall off soon, one entry trusted the Vikings will lose to the undefeated Broncos.

Only half of the entries could choose San Fran, and only one thought that at home against the undefeated Packers was the time to do it.

Maybe because St. Louis had the surprise Week 1 win against Seattle, or maybe because even though they are undefeated, no one knows what to think of Arizona, no one took the Rams to lose to the undefeated Cardinals.

Top Picks
TB 1
SF 1


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