Rachel Arbeit is an opinionated and privileged child and granddaughter of New York Giants season ticket holders. Her grandfather got season tickets in 1938 as his high school graduation gift and her father had his own pair for over twenty years, until PSLs came to town and ruined everything that is good and right. Rachel accredits many important life lessons to Giants Stadium which include, but are not limited to: knowledge and proper usage of all curse words, how to smoke a cigar, dressing for tundra-like weather, strategies for dunking cookies into hot chocolate and best ways to heckle the fans of the other team.

Have Your Fun and Drink it, too!

Born and raised in Westchester, New York, Rachel graduated from Northeastern in Boston before moving to NYC to surround herself with sports fans she could tolerate. She is also a Yankee fan who still wonders how old El Duque really is and who trained him to kick so high. Rachel timed her semester abroad perfectly so she was as far from Boston as humanly possible when they won the World Series in 2004.

One who enjoys miscellaneous facts, learning, and drinking, Rachel hosts Trivia Tryst Trivia games all over New York City. Her trivia nickname is Rachel “Rabies-Free Since ’83” Arbeit, and it’s true.

Rachel writes for National Lampoon and Player Press. She is also a stand up comedian in New York City.

…don’t forget to buy 80s Sports Posters from Rachel’s eBay Store!

For even more information, visit Rachel’s creatively named website RachelArbeit.com

3 Responses to About

  1. mdbirdlover says:

    Nice headline on that Brady article.
    Glad to find you through tag-surfer. I am a professed Oriole fan and also a persistent Yankee hater. Sorry, it’s what I do. But I’ll look forward to you telling me I’m wrong from time to time!
    Even though I’ll know I’m right and the rest of the haters will be right there with me.

  2. Mr. Sports says:

    Nicely done … good take on Favre … can’t believe there is a female like you who actually exists on this planet … please don’t change and I hope you get to write for a living someday … but know this: I’ve been writing for a living since the early 1990s and I am still broke … that’s with 16 career professional writing awards too … anyway, go after it and do your best and good luck to you!

  3. giantdamnyankee says:

    I like your name and after reading your bio,I think there’s very little chance we’ll disagree much.

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