SPORTS CRIMES: Strasburg Baseball Card Going for $16k+

May 27, 2010

Stephen Strasburg is the buzz of the minor leagues. The Washington National’s top prospect, the ace-in-waiting, has yet to throw a Major League pitch and is already drawing high bids from reckless spenders on the only place for thoughtless spending: eBay.

$16k Collectors Item or Overpriced Coster?

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Antoine Walker: An MC Hammer Financial Disaster Story

March 21, 2010

Antoine Walker blew the $110 million dollars he earned in 13 years of NBA service. It seems impossible, but there are levels of

Antoine Walker: Spender Extraordinaire

stupidity that defy logic.

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Guide to Getting Into the Playoffs When Your Team is Out

January 11, 2010

Bummed because your beloved NFL team didn’t make the playoffs? Harbor that resentment in the offseason and spend the postseason enjoying the more talented teams!

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