Tony Romo Confirms Identity as Biggest Loser

May 13, 2010

Dallas Cowboys quarterback and media spotlight lover Tony Romo opened himself to headlines like the one of this article by appearing on NBC’s weight loss show. Giants, Eagles and Redskins fans everywhere laugh.

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Jesse James is the New Tiger Woods

March 26, 2010

Place your bets! Who will end up busted with more mistresses: Tiger Woods or Jesse James? Tiger leads for now. Charlie Sheen watches and laughs. Jesse James

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Tiger Would

December 3, 2009
…because, of course he would! This is what famous, traveling, attractive athletes and/or generally rich people do. Duhhhhhhhhhh. Unless they are God-fearing Christians or something.
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Stick and Ball

April 30, 2009

Golf and baseball have common ground as both are based on a stick and ball contact premise played outside and are canceled for bad weather. The main difference between the two is that baseball is a sport and golf is crap.

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