Oakland Colesium to be Called Overstock.com Coliseum

April 27, 2011

Hey! That's where the Oakland teams play!!!

For a place where the Oakland Raiders and Oakland Athletics play,¬†Overstock.com is a pretty fitting name. Or you can call it O.co-Liseum…

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They Can’t Lose Next Week

November 9, 2009

The New York football Giants continued their shameless self-destruction in dramatic fashion by giving their Week 9 game to the San Diego Chargers. It’s not that the Giants don’t know how to win anymore, it’s that losing is just so much easier.

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La Casa De Los Mets

June 23, 2009

After a field trip (ha!) to the new casa de los Mets, I share my notes from a ballpark that had zero chance of disappointing, compared to its previous venue.

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Thoughts on the New Yankee Stadium

May 22, 2009

Being the privileged New Yorker that I am, I managed to experience the New Yankee Stadium for my first times this past weekend by going to Friday night’s game and Saturday’s afternoon game. Of course, I have an opinion about the new venue…

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