Gisele Bundchen Puts Franchise Tag on Tom Brady

February 27, 2009

US Magazine reported this morning that New England Patriot’s star QB Tom Brady (no, not Matt Cassel) has wed his Brazilian Supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen in California yesterday. Bundchen and her three dogs wore matching Dolce and Gabbana floral lace collars, explaining why it took Brady three years to decide to actually marry her. Read the rest of this entry »

This Bud’s For Who?

February 25, 2009

A-Rod steroid use conversations have continued, and just may keep going until baseball season starts. The highest paid baseball player fielded some, and brushed off other detailed questions about his questionable behavior. The media has dug into Rodriguez, looking for a step-by-step full-cavity report of the exact details of each and every drug use.


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Wade Reminds NBA That He is Good, Team Is Not

February 23, 2009

Last night in the Florida vs. Florida not-very-anticipated NBA showdown, Dwayne Wade scored 50 points in a losing effort versus the Orlando Magic. The rest of the Miami Heat scored 49 points making it perfectly clear that Wade is better than his entire team combined and should consider joining the Harlem Globetrotters or maybe just any other NBA team.

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Not For Legality

February 18, 2009

NFL players do not deserve what they have. Just this past week, another three football players have been arrested for their behavior ranging from stupid to really stupid. Of course, these incidents all broke the law.

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Favre Retires, Again

February 12, 2009

“I’m an emotional guy, and I’m sure people are tired of seeing me get emotional,” he explained, again. Brett Farve has retired. Feeling deja vu? Me, too. Because we’ve heard it before. Please Brett, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ll believe it when the season starts, Week 1, and Brett Farve is actually not there. I’ll believe it when there are commercials with him stuck in his wranglers during next year’s Superbowl.

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Thoughts on A-Roid

February 11, 2009

On Saturday, Sports Illustrated revealed that Yankees star Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids six years ago. In less time than it takes to finish reading the article, “A-Fraud” and “A-Roid” shirts were already for sale all over the internet. Cries of shock and horror echoed through the land from fans of the highest paid player in baseball, to those who live to despise him. The steroid stamp has been printed on A-Rod. Now let the public outrage unleash by letting this discussion push you through your end of football season blues.

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MLS Considered a League, Some Americans Say

February 5, 2009

It’s not just for Europe and South America anymore. Yes, that’s right… some Americans are now claiming the MLS is somewhat of a league to be mildly respected.

A relative of mine that will not be named hooked up with a MLS player. “He’s like, kind of famous,” she said. Soccer? In the U.S.A? Those guys can’t be counted as celebrities, can they?

We all noticed in the 2007 season when David Beckham showed up. Remember that? Water cooler conversation for a couple of days. Also, a way-too-easy Jeopardy! question that continues to appear on the show.

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February 4, 2009

While the country suffers from a recession, did the Superbowl suffer? I say “no,” and I was a business major in college. Financial disappointments of the Superbowl are not from the recession, but from unrealistic expectations.

Ticket prices for Superbowl XLIII were down twenty percent from last year. This makes sense considering last year two major market teams, one undefeated and one hot since a dramatic Week 17 loss to the aforementioned team, drew higher ticket prices then a game with one major market team and one unloved franchise.

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