Sunday, New York, Sunday

September 29, 2009

On Sunday, the Giants embarrassed the Bucs. The Yankees get their 100th win of the season by completing a sweep of the rivaled Red Sox and clinched the best record in baseball as well as home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  And, for good measure, both the Mets wand the Jets won. All of his occurred before the sunset brought atonement. New York sports teams took care of their Jews.

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Ruining the Opening of Recession Stadium

September 21, 2009
Who says you need to score touchdowns in the red zone to win games? With play like this, the New York Giants should be favored by one point forgmen the next several weeks (until Big Blue blows someone out, or blows a game).
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Is Baseball Ready for Openly Gay Players?

September 17, 2009

Gay rights and gay marriage have been hot topics this year. For as main stream as homosexual lifestyles have become, there are still no openly gay major league baseball players, which leads to the question: Is Baseball Ready for Openly Gay Players?

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Week 1 vs. Washington

September 14, 2009

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Beauty is Only Symmetry Deep

September 3, 2009

In an attempt to offer a non-story to attract People or US Magazine readers to the once highly regarded circulation that is the Wall Street Journal, the daily publication listed top 10 best-looking NFL quarterbacks, ranked by how symmetrical their faces are. But the statistics just may prove that the science of beauty is not as accurate or fun as the practice of ranking looks by creative opinion.

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